6. Roadmap

Haya Network has laid out a comprehensive roadmap, outlining the launch of various investment products, AI-driven services, and integration with other DeFi protocols and platforms.

Current Status and Achievements

Haya Network has already achieved significant milestones in its development journey. The core team has successfully developed and launched the Haya Index Token (H20), establishing a strong foundation for our investment ecosystem. Additionally, we have secured partnerships with reputable crypto exchanges and liquidity providers, ensuring seamless trading and liquidity for our users.

Near-term Milestones

In the near future, Haya Network aims to introduce the HAI stablecoin and launch our derivatives trading platform, offering futures and options contracts based on the H20 token. We will also expand our liquidity mining program, providing additional incentives for users to contribute to the platform's liquidity.

Long-term Vision and Expansion Plans

Looking ahead, Haya Network envisions becoming a leading investment platform within the crypto space. We plan to continuously innovate and introduce new financial products and services, such as leveraged tokens (e.g., 3x long H20, 3x short H20), advanced portfolio management tools, and AI-driven investment advisory services. Additionally, we aim to expand our global reach and establish strategic partnerships with traditional financial institutions, bridging the gap between the crypto and traditional finance worlds.

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