4. Haya's Ecosystem

Haya offers a comprehensive crypto ecosystem, including the H20 index token, HAI stablecoin for margin trading, derivatives (futures and options) based on H20/HAI, and liquidity mining opportunities for users to earn rewards. Basic services like account opening and deposits/withdrawals are free, while value-added services like investment advice and trading are charged a fee.

Haya's All-Inclusive Crypto Ecosystem

  • H20 Index ETF: A diversified basket of top cryptocurrencies designed to minimize volatility while capturing the market's growth potential. It serves as a guardian of long-term value for the crypto community.

  • HAI Stablecoin: Pegged to the US dollar, HAI provides stability and a safe haven within the volatile crypto market. It is used for margin trading, facilitating transactions, and as a store of value.

  • H20 Index Derivatives Market: Offers a range of derivative trading products based on H20/HAI, including futures and options contracts. This enables sophisticated trading strategies and risk management tools for experienced investors.

  • Digital Banking License: Facilitates fiat transactions, promotes off-chain payments, and provides financial services for digital nomads and users in Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

  • Ecosystem Applications: Ventures into fields like SocialFi and GameFi, generating a variety of crypto financial application scenarios.

Haya 3 Body Model

  • Haya Reserve Treasury: The core of the Haya treasury consists of 20 mainstream assets, including BTC and ETH, serving as a value reserve and the cornerstone of the Haya ecosystem.

  • Haya Economic System: Integrates value storage, governance, incentives, revenue models, and payments into the $HAYA token. The Haya treasury asset pool provides intrinsic value for $HAYA, and token holders have voting rights to incentivize liquidity providers and market makers of $H20.

  • Haya Product System: Offers innovative financial services centered on users, including SocialFi (Haya Farm), ETF lending, index futures and options, and index guessing games.

$HAYA Deflation Model

  • Constant Total, Deflationary Appreciation: The total issuance of $HAYA is 500 million, linearly released over 10 years. The H20 Index ETF held by the HAYA treasury serves as a value reserve, guaranteeing the long-term value of HAYA.

  • Multiple Mechanisms, Continuous Deflation: The HAYA treasury buys back and burns $HAYA through the secondary market, continuously reducing the circulating amount. The game mechanism of Haya Farm encourages users to hold $HAYA, further reducing the circulating amount.

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