3. Our Products

At the core of Haya Network lies the Market Index Token (H20), a unique crypto asset that serves as the backbone of our investment ecosystem. H20 is designed to represent a basket of carefully curated cryptocurrencies, providing diversified exposure to the crypto market while minimizing volatility.

Haya Index Token (H20)

The Haya Index Token (H20) is the cornerstone of Haya Network's investment ecosystem. H20 represents a diversified basket of carefully selected cryptocurrencies, designed to provide investors with exposure to the broader crypto market while mitigating volatility.

Each H20 token is backed by a proportional tranche of assets held in the smart contract. The token is designed to be mintable & redeemable, fully backed, and transparent. It tracks the overall crypto market performance, providing diversified exposure in one token. This gives H20 some Key Benefits such as:

  • Diversification: H20 holds a mix of leading cryptocurrencies, reducing risk from any single asset.

  • Full Backed: Each token is backed by the constituents the token represents.

  • Mintable: Each token can be minted by providing the required cryptos.

  • Redeemable: Each token can be redeemed for the underlying assets.

  • Composable: As an ERC-20 token, H20 can be used in various DeFi applications and strategies.

Stablecoin (HAI)

Haya Network introduces HAI, a stablecoin pegged to the value of the H20 token. By pledging H20 tokens as collateral, users can mint HAI, which can be used as a margin for trading futures and options derivatives or as a trading pair for liquidity mining opportunities.

Derivatives (Futures, Options)

Leveraging the stability and liquidity of H20 and HAI, Haya Network offers a comprehensive suite of derivative products, including futures and options contracts. These instruments enable advanced trading strategies and provide opportunities for investors to hedge risks and maximize returns within the crypto market.

Liquidity Mining

Haya Network incentivizes liquidity providers by offering liquidity mining opportunities. Users can contribute to the liquidity pools by providing H20 or HAI tokens, earning rewards in the form of additional tokens or transaction fees.

Haya Network caters to crypto investors seeking long-term investment opportunities within the rapidly evolving crypto market. By offering a diversified and stable crypto asset in the form of H20, we provide a viable alternative to traditional investment vehicles, enabling investors to build long-term wealth while mitigating market volatility.

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